General Construction

We offer a highly-specialized team of construction experts to serve you in all aspects of construction management. With our architects and highly experienced team of engineers, we collaborate to develop your project design and obtain the documents for permitting and construction. Working closely throughout the process, we ensure a quality design that is made to code and caters to your budget. Once the drawings and contract negotiations are complete, IM Home Solutions begins the construction phase. Our subcontractors share the same goals as us, delivering a final product that is of IM Home Solutions quality. Our general construction service has grown over time, and we are proud of what it has turned into today.

Our project managers are experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, and skilled. This enables them to work diligently and deliver a project both on time and on budget. However, IM Home Solutions cannot take exclusive credit for the craftsmanship seen on our projects. We join together with a select group of subcontractors, with whom we have worked hand-in-hand over the years.